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Hi there!

My name is Jeremy and you’ve probably stumbled upon this website because you’re looking for some help in O Level Chemistry.

Well, before we proceed, there is one thing I want to personally reassure you about. And that is this…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student who’s currently barely passing and looking to do well, or if you’re already doing well and looking to top your class/cohort, hundreds of students before you have benefited from our lessons in a short period of time. And if they can, then so can you!

Chem Made Easy Jeremy Neo

No. I’m not going to put you through some motivational talk. That’s not what this is about. The important thing about this message is that doing well in Chemistry is no secret.


You see, I’ve spent the last 6 years and roughly 10,000 hours teaching and coaching students to achieve the results they want! Over that time, I’ve developed a proven system that simplifies the learning of Chemistry.


This system engages students and captivates their interest from the very first lesson resulting in is increased interest in Chemistry, better grades and confidence boosts! Our lessons reveal to students the fastest and most effective way to score “A”s in their Upcoming Chemistry Tests And Exams!


This set of “Extremely-Effective-Yet-Rarely-Taught Strategies” that will help almost ANY student are the same set of strategies that many successful students have already been using to consistently score Distinctions!

What Some Of Our Graduates Are Saying…

Before I joined enrolled into this class, my prior understanding of chemistry was very basic. I had no interest in chemistry at all as it came off as a boring subject to me. Furthermore, I had encountered much trouble grasping some fundamental concepts.

However, after attending Jeremy’s classes, I found his teaching method and materials really useful. What impressed me was his ability of coming up with simple analogies for us so that we would be able to relate to it and grasp the concepts more easily! It certainly helped me clear many of the doubts that I had. He would also try his best to tweak his teaching schedule to suit our exam timetables so that he could give us enough practice on certain topics beforehand.

Additionally, he provided us with lots of past school practice papers which certainly helped me to familiarise myself with the possible questions that could come out for the O levels. After much guidance from him, I managed to get my distinction. Enrolling into this class is certainly something that I won’t regret, because chemistry is no longer a boring subject to me. In fact, I’m going to take chemistry in JC because of my newfound interest in it! Jeremy is a really committed teacher who’s always willing to help his students at any time, putting in a lot of effort into improving himself so that he will be able to help us maximise our own potential.

Thank you, teacher Jeremy!

Victoria Chong

Tanjong Katong Girls School | A1 for 2015 O Level Chemistry

The Chemistry tuition has definitely made me understand the concept of Chemistry thoroughly, and easily.

Explanations are clear and detailed, and Jeremy would patiently clarify any doubts that surfaced before moving on! Lessons are also paced at a steady yet effective rate. Notes provided were comprehensive and accurate, combined with lessons, concepts were way easier to understand than before!

It was by no means a small feat to see a large improvement in my grades, from a fail grade to an A at O Levels!

Thank you Jeremy!

Mabel Tan

Xinmin Secondary School | F9 to A1 2015 O Level Chemistry

That feeling you get when you suddenly realise how something you thought was difficult can actually be so simple…


We simplify the learning process by providing our students with flowcharts, mnemonics, easy to recall tables…
It’s so powerful that some of our past graduates still recall the material we covered in class!

Everything covered is in line with the latest syllabus from SEAB – found here.



It’s time for you to stop guessing what your O Level Chemistry examiner wants and start presenting your answers in a way that examiners ‘like’ that will score you full marks! 

Each chapter comes with a set of detailed notes + structured answers you can use that will please even the most fussy examiner!



The skills required to answer MCQ questions effectively are different from the skills required to do well in paper 2! It isn’t as simple as just practicing more questions!

Each chapter has types of questions that test different skills – our classes show you how to score as many marks as you possibly can!

Why We Are Able To Retain Almost Every Student Who Joins…

(Almost 9 in 10 students stay on after the first month/trial lesson with us.)

i heart chemistry


All our Chemistry classes are run by Jeremy himself so you can be assured that your child receives quality education!

Motivate Students

Motivate Students

Set targets and find the drive and motivation to achieve them.

huge on numbers

Huge On Numbers

Each class has a maximum of 8 to 9 students to ensure that every child gets his questions answered.

really fun lessons

Really Fun Lessons

Videos, demonstrations and funny drawings. You name it, we have it. All to help you understand your material better and do well faster.

Quality materials

Quality Materials

Questions and notes are updated yearly to ensure material is relevant. Did we mention our huge database of 1000++ questions?

personal development

Personal Development

We take the development of each child very seriously and work closely with parents to ensure each student is not only taken care of academically, but also mentally and emotionally.

accelerated learning

Accelerated learning

We employ the use of effective accelerated learning techniques to help students recall and apply challenging chemistry concepts!

24/7 assistance

24/7 Assistance

Drop us a message or an email and we will reply your queries within 12 to 24 hours! This is especially popular during examination periods!

Ready To Start Loving Chemistry?

(We can’t wait to show you how easy O Level Chemistry can be!)

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